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Welcome to End-Point Assessment with Skills Assessment Limited. Here you can discover a treasure trove of information that can help you, the Apprentice, on your journey through your apprenticeship and beyond.

Your apprenticeship journey will take you to meadows far and wide and by the end you’ll be diligently buzzing about in your new role and on the path to success.

Here, SAL aims to provide you with all the necessary information and resources to help guide you through your apprenticeship from standard fact sheets which clarify and simplify the apprenticeship requirements, learner packs which contain guidance on key stages throughout your apprenticeship and what about looking to the future?

Hopefully our constantly expanding careers page can help you determine what to do once you have achieved your apprenticeship. Helping to present you with all your options from staying with your current employer and working your way up through the business to adding to your skillset by looking to progression routes and potentially the next apprenticeship you could undertake.

Apprenticeships really present you with a world of options and choices; SAL aims to help support you through your journey.

We’ve covered a number of topics on the site so far, what are standards we can help with, how does EPA work? (that’s a big one), Off-the-job training and why it’s important to understand the new requirements, and of course Careers and Resources.

End-Point Assessment is a bold new way of ensuring that when you finish your apprenticeship, you have a handle on the sector in general and not just the requirements of a certain role within a business.

If you think there’s something missing from the support we are providing, why not get in touch? Head to our contact page, drop us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’re always looking to provide apprentices with as much information as possible.




How Does EPA Work?

A little confused as to how the End-Point Assessment process works? Unfamiliar with the way you will be assessed at the end of your apprenticeship with the new standards in place?

End-Point Assessment is made up of a number of assessment elements which you, the apprentice, must pass in order to complete your apprenticeship. Depending on the apprenticeship you are undertaking, there are different elements that you will need to pass which are designed to ensure you are meeting all the required knowledge, behavior and skill-based criteria as set out in the standard.

The rules surrounding each of the core assessment elements differ from standard to standard so we would advise you to read through the relevant assessment breakdown through each of our standard-specific pages on our website where we have slim-lined the information ready for easy reading.

Alternatively, we would advise that you read the relevant apprenticeship standard and familiarise yourself with the end-point assessment requirements before, during, and close to the end of your learning period.