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Welcome to End-Point Assessment with Skills Assessment Limited. Here you will be able to find the answers to all your questions regarding End-Point Assessment. It’s a bold statement, but we think that we’ve got our bases covered.

We were approved to deliver End-Point Assessment in April 2017, and since then have gone from strength to strength. We now offer over 35 Standards in a range of sectors, including Healthcare, and Retail. The apprenticeship process can be a tricky one to navigate first time out. There are lots of stages to complete, lots of requirements and forms to fill out, lots of rules you’ll have to follow. But it’s our mission to ensure that everything is explained thoroughly and in easily digestible chunks so that you can get what you came for: excellently trained and skilled Apprentices for the workplace. Because of this, we have a team of committed EPA coordinators to help you along the way and we will also actively work with your training provider and your Apprentice to make sure your End-Point Assessment is problem-free.