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EPA Support

Onboarding with EPA Pro

New to EPA? No need to worry.
We’ve developed an onboarding programme designed to bring everyone up to speed with the EPA process and our approach. Once you come on board you’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager within the EPA Pro team. They’ll be an expert on EPA and will be there to support you throughout your EPA journey. We’ll then take you through our onboarding programme, featuring a series of webinars, to give you and your team all of the knowledge they need for a successful EPA experience.

In these webinars we’ll cover:

  • EPA back to basics

  • The EPA Pro approach to EPA

  • System guides

  • How to read an assessment plan and how to make the most out of our Guidance Documents

  • And much more


You’ll also gain access to our online platform, where you’ll be able to register your apprentices for EPA, access Guidance Documents and start setting up your own users within the system.

During delivery
Once you’re on board and delivering the on-programme element of the apprenticeship you’ll have access to a range of expert support from the EPA Pro team including:

  • Access to the standard specific guidance documents, giving you clear details about the EPA and providing vital information for apprentices and you as the provider

  • A dedicated contact from within the EPA Pro team, your Account Manager will be on hand to give you any guidance that you need about the EPA process

  • Regular pre-arranged reviews with your EPA Pro Account Manager to discuss anything that you need, including best practice, help with an assessment plan and guidance on what an EPA looks like in practice

  • Access to the EPA Pro helpdesk, a dedicated support function to help you with any queries that you have

  • Access to our support webinars

The run-up to Gateway
Within the world of apprenticeships, the Gateway process sits between the on-programme delivery of the standard and the end- point assessment (EPA). The Gateway is a major milestone and is there to satisfy the requirement that the apprentice, their employer and the training provider agree that the apprentice is ready for EPA.

Each standard has a different set of mandatory Gateway requirements which can include:

  • Completion of a portfolio of evidence

  • Achievement of mandatory qualifications

  • Signed confirmation from the apprentice that they are ready for the EPA

  • For Care and Health standards, the completion of the Care Certificate

This list isn’t exhaustive and each standard has its own requirements. Check the assessment plan for each standard on the institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education’s website for more information.

Guidance documents
Our suite of Guidance Documents can support you with your Gateway preparation, covering how the EPA will be assessed, guidance for putting together a portfolio (if necessary) and what the Gateway requirements are.

Once your apprentice is ready for Gateway you’re able to use the online platform to upload the relevant evidence and submit them for EPA.

Once they’ve been submitted for EPA, the EPA Pro team will review the Gateway documentation and get in touch to confirm the outcome, in line with our SLA, and book in the EPA.