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Have an unanswered question regarding EPA in general, the processes involved, or anything in between? Hopefully, you will be able to find the answer within our FAQ section below. If you are still unable to find the answer you are looking for, you can drop us an email at info@skillsepa.co.uk or give us a call on 020 8968 4873

How have apprenticeships changed and what is ‘End-Point Assessment’ we hear you say?

Quite simply the old apprenticeship frameworks have been replaced by the new Apprenticeship Standards. The new model sees the loss of frameworks and, in large, the loss of qualifications. Instead, standards have been produced by employer groups (Trailblazers) who have collectively outlined what they believe are essential skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed in order to deem someone competent in any given job role. Qualifications have remained in a small number of standards and in some situations are mandatory to be completed.

What is the cost of End-Point Assessment (EPA) with Skills Assessment Limited ?

The price of any End-Point Assessment will be determined primarily by the components which make up that assessment, as determined by the assessment plan set out by the Trailblazer group. For example, some standards require Apprentices to undertake lengthy observations which will invariably cost more than the delivery of an online situational question paper. Skills Assessment Limited is absolutely committed to keeping the costs of End-Point Assessment as low as possible and any savings that we make will be passed onto you. We are always exploring different ways to embrace technology and deliver assessments which will reduce overheads for us and cost to you. If you have any ideas that you would like to share with us then please get in touch. Our fees are outlined on our EPA Fees page or they can be found on the relevant Apprenticeship Standard Factsheet. Please contact me at info@skillsepa.co.uk if you require further clarification.

What does the End-Point Assessment service include?
Our End-Point Assessment service includes everything that the Apprentice, Employer, and Training Provider might need in order to successfully move through an apprenticeship program. Our Apprentice packs include study tips and hints, revision guides, self-assessment forms, Gateway checklists, and guidance on what to expect during each assessment stage.

On what basis will costs be negotiated?

A number of factors will be considered when negotiating costs. These will include the number of Apprentices, time-scale for delivery, facilities available, and possibly location if the assessment includes an observation. Please contact info@skillsepa.co.uk

Will there be an upfront charge for the registration of Apprentices for End-Point Assessment?
There will be a small fee upon registration (25% of the overall price; fees are outlined in our EPA fees document), this sum can be used towards your next group is an apprentice withdraws from the apprenticeship.* This will give the Apprentice, Training Provider, and Employer access to our EPA management suite and access to a variety of materials and resources to help them through to the End-Point Assessment phase. The remaining 75% of the fee will be payable upon passing through Gateway and into the End-Point Assessment process. *Any transferable registration fees can only be reapplied to the same standard as the original booking.

How much will you charge for a resit?

There will be one free resit for multiple-choice tests. All other observation and discussion-based components that need to be retaken will be charged at a set rate based on the structure and the assessment type. Please refer to the Apprenticeship Standard to clarify resit procedures as they vary from standard to standard.

How do I become an End-Point Assessor with Skills Assessment Limited ?

We are always looking to add to our bank of End-Point Assessors. If you are interested in becoming an End-Point Assessor please upload your CV and fill out our assessor interest form here.

What support material will Skills Assessment Limited make available for Training Providers, Employers, and Apprentices?

Apprentice support packs and Employer support packs are currently in development for all of the standards which we have been approved for and will be launched as soon as possible. All support materials will be accessible through our brand new End-Point Assessment management suite software, Verve EPA. These will include templates and checklists for Gateway, Mock Tests, and more.

What system will you be using to manage the End-Point Assessment process?

We have designed a comprehensive and easy-to-use EPA management system called Verve EPA. Verve EPA is Skills Assessment Limited’s Point Assessment system designed for Training Providers, Employers and End-Point Assessors to track Apprentice progress from start to completion. Its numerous features are designed with usability, cost-effectiveness, and most importantly the Apprentice experience in mind.

How much notice is required to book an End-Point Assessment?

We are using pioneering software to deliver the situational tests which means we can do so with only five working days’ notice. For any observations within the End-Point Assessment, the notice time for booking is seven working days. This is however subject to change, as this can differ between each standard.

What are the time frames allowed for resits that are required?

Should an Apprentice fail one assessment activity this should be retaken as soon as the Apprentice is ready, when the Apprenticeship Standard allows for it to take place and when practical for the business. Should they fail two or more activities a period of further training and development must take place before a resit, the timeframe applicable here varies from standard to standard. When retaking an assessment activity the maximum grade that can be achieved for that activity is a pass. However please be aware that some standards have their own rules surrounding the process of resits, please refer to the Apprenticeship Standard for further clarification.

Do all the elements of End-Point Assessment have to be retaken if an Apprentice has an overall grade of Fail?

In this instance, we would ask that you refer to the full Apprenticeship Standard for guidance as to the conditions behind failing an apprenticeship overall are different depending on the standard. In some instances, the Apprentice will be able to retake individual components from within the End-Point Assessment again as a resit.

Where will the End-Point Assessment be carried out?

This depends upon the type of assessment. Some elements can be taken in the Apprentice’s workplace, at home, or via GoToMeeting.

Is the End-Point Assessment a group assessment or one to one?

One to one; we believe that it would be possible to do group assessments but we value each Apprentice as an individual and we aim to treat them as such with a one to one End-Point Assessment process.

Will Training Providers or Employers have to become Recognised Centres to work with Skills Assessment Limited for End-Point Assessment?

No, Training Providers do not need to become a Recognised Centre with Skills Asse. However, this process is free of charge if you only want to work with us to offer End-Point Assessment.

How will Apprentices be certified?

Final certification will be from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) once the End-Point Assessment Organisation (Skills Assessment Limited) has notified them of apprenticeship completion. We can also provide e-certificates for all component assessments taken as part of the End-Point Assessment process as an additional service.

Are functional skills a requirement?

Each Apprenticeship Standard has its own specific requirement for maths and English. Please refer to the Apprenticeship Standard or our factsheets for more information on functional skills requirements.

Are qualifications required as part of the standards?

Some Trailblazer groups have identified qualifications that are either required or recommended to be taken during the on-program training for certain standards. These would have to be completed prior to the End-Point Assessment process and presented to us at Gateway before the Apprentice undertakes End-Point Assessment. Skills Assessment Limited offers many of the regulated qualifications that are included in the standards and can offer attractive price points to centers wishing to use us to offer the qualifications and End-Point Assessment.


Will it be the same End-Point Assessor to complete all parts of the End-Point Assessment programme?

Yes, the aim is that wherever possible the same End-Point Assessor will be responsible for all the assessments for the Apprentice.

Do Skills Assessment Limited’s prices include the EQA fee from the External Quality Assurer?

Yes, all prices set by Skills Assessment Limited  will include fees charged by the External Quality Assurance organization. Our EPA offering presents you with absolutely no hidden fees.

Do the Apprentices get the certificate sent to their home address or do these go to the Training Provider/Employer?

Certificates will be sent to the Employer by recorded delivery from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

Is there a grading matrix for Pass, Merit, Distinction?

Yes, but they vary from standard to standard. You will be able to find a grading matrix on each of the Apprenticeship Standard factsheets located on the Skills Assessment Limited website. However, when retaking an assessment activity the maximum grade that can be achieved for that activity is a Pass

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