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Are you a would-be worker bee buzzing about the Hive, unsure about what your apprenticeship entails? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Need some quick facts to ground you in your future experience? You’ve come to the right page.

This honeycomb is where you can access the Factsheets for your apprenticeships. When The Hive first laid our feelers on the new Apprenticeship Standards, we knew we had to simplify things for everyone involved. You’re a busy bee; you don’t have time to read government regulations! This is the taster honey – the concentrated fluid that gives a quick impression of everything you need to know about your apprenticeship – where you’ll start and where you’ll be going. The Hive has a clear and simple Factsheet for each of the apprenticeship standards. An apprenticeship can be a complicated and difficult endeavour, and a lot of apprentices can get overwhelmed.

They’ll give you:

  • A brief overview of the apprenticeship

  • A summation of your Initial Assessment and what you will need to complete before you start. This step is to ensure you have the basic reading, writing and math skills to undertake the apprenticeship.

  • What you need to complete your on-the-job training, and what kinds of activities you’ll be conducting for your off-the-job training.

  • A summary of your Gateway stage.

  • A detailed overview of your End-Point Assessment and all the components involved.

  • How you will be graded for your assessment.

  • How you will be certificated and what progression options are open to you.

  • What you can do after you’ve completed the apprenticeship.

Factsheets are a great tool to keep at your side over the course of the apprenticeship to remind you of the programme’s overall structure and refresh yourself on what’s coming next.